How to make Brooklyn Nine-Nine style gifs

Step One:

Create your gif, with the last frame being the final still you will pause on.


 Step Two:

Select the last frame and copy. Open a new document with the same dimensions.


Step Three:

Now use what ever form of cropping you prefer, and crop out the character in the final frame


Step Four:

Add a new layer between the final clip and the cropped image, color it as you wish. Use an opacity between 60-70%


Step Five: 

Create a layer on top of the cropped layer. Paint along the bottom of it with the same color you used as the background


Step Six:

We now need to blur the newly painted layer (filter>blur>guassuan blur). Use between 15-20 for the blur. Repeat if necessary, artists judgment.


Step Seven:

We now need a color strip between the cropped layer and the full colored background. I prefer to use the rectangle tool, but use what ever you like. Rotate the box between 7-10 degrees


Step Eight:

Now add the text you would like to show. Be sure to shrink it to fit inside of the box, and rotate it the same as you did in the previous step


Step Nine:

Now select this layer you have and lets go ahead and copy the layer. Return to the original gif and paste layer at the end of the gif. We now need to make the last frame move. I make five copies of the final frame. From here on out it will be a judgment call on your part as to what looks the best. Line everything up and move it from the edge and then inward 20% (assuming you used five frames).


Step Ten: 

Once you have the animation  in play, freeze the last frame for a full second. Save for web!